Mrs. Simi Petegorsky

Mrs. Simi Petegorsky came to the Shulamith faculty with decades of experience teaching Torah and Hashkafa. She inspires her students with passion and enthusiasm, helping them develop a true love to learn and succeed. Hailing from the Midwest, Mrs. Petegorsky went on to study in the prestigious Seminar Bais Yaakov LeMorot/ BJJ of Jerusalem, where she received her teacher training and certificate. She then went on to teach Chumash, Navi, Parsha, Megilah, Tefilah, and Hashkafa in St. Louis, Detroit, and Cleveland, and now continues teaching locally. Mrs. Petegorsky has experience teaching complex hashkafa-oriented subjects in a loving, heartfelt, and compassionate way. She develops a close and warm long-lasting relationship with each one of her students. Her goal is to connect to the heart of her students, helping them develop true love towards Hashem, while leaving them with inspiring lessons and practical tools which they can use throughout their lifetimes.