Shulamith High School inspires students to deepen their commitment to a lifestyle of Torah and Halacha. The SHS experience fosters an appreciation for the serious study of text and the internalization of essential life lessons. Formal and informal educational programs are infused with inspiration and meaning and designed to cultivate a student’s commitment to growth. 

The vast multitude of co-curricular activities, clubs, leadership opportunities and teams provide something for everyone. At SHS, you will find a school where every student matters. 

With all the inevitable academic pressures, school pride makes a school an overall more fun place to be. It shows unity, empowering students to feel a part of something bigger than themselves. It creates a sense of belonging and gets them to connect and support a common experience. It is our students’ immeasurable and contagious passion for SHS that creates the warmth and happiness that has become synonymous with Shulamith High School.