School Guidance

Where Shulamith will take you.


Our social wellness program is spearheaded by our guidance department. In addition to creating school-wide programs that proactively teach social skills such as confidence, empathy and personal integrity, our guidance department will be available to help our girls navigate the challenges of high school.


We spend four years at Shulamith helping students gain skills and tools for learning and living the rest of their lives. Beyond that, we have an Israel guidance program to enable students to select the Israel program of their choice. Our college guidance department is committed to assisting girls in finding a college that is the best fit, both hashkafically and academically.


Our Learning Center will be a place of academic growth, warmth, and positivity. Our counselors will encourage every student to find her strength. We understand that each student has a different point of access, and it is our mission to find that point and to ensure that each student finds the tools to succeed. Progress will be documented and analyzed to measure success. Professional specialists will immerse themselves in the academic curriculum and create elective independent study curriculum for students who search for enrichment and create support for students who need extra help. We will foster a warm, welcoming, and supportive learning community.