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Our science courses focus on learning through experimentation and discovery. This year, integrating apps such as “Nuclear” and “The Elements,” has enabled students to visualize the subatomic world, the elements, and the human body in ways that would otherwise be impossible.

This hands-on technology based approach sparks curiosity and critical thinking, ultimately leading to a stronger connection with science and the world around us.


Our STEM curriculum doesn’t end with Engineering, Science, and Math. In fact, we integrate STEM into all of our classrooms on a daily basis.

  • Our students communicate and collaborate with their peers, sharing notes and flashcards via Airdrop.
  • The incorporation of iPads across all subject areas promotes digital literacy and technological troubleshooting, integral skills for today’s society.
  • Websites and apps such as Nearpod, schoology, notability, and RenWeb allow teachers to assess understanding, share materials, and provide personalized feedback more efficiently.


In the class, students explore, discover, and analyze topics such as electricity, sensors, and programming all through hands-on activities and experiments.

  • STEM gives the students a taste of computer science, providing them with early exposure that can enhance their experience with code in the future.
  • Through building problem-solving skills and creativity, STEM allows students who are creative, but not necessarily artistic, to thrive.
  • With their exposure to the tech industry, students meet relatable role models who make real the possibility of a career in the field.


Our math courses involve students in every step of the learning process. In the flipped classroom model, students are encouraged to take ownership of the course material. The class actively involves students: from working in pairs and creating presentations to creating sample problems and problem-solving. Student involvement in the course fosters student proprietorship of the content and builds a community of teachers and learners.