Mrs. Naomi Munk

Originally from Israel, Mrs. Naomi Munk brings her passion for Hebrew and Zionism to every classroom she teaches in—a passion that resonates with her students. Mrs. Munk’s goal is for every student to walk away from her classroom speaking Hebrew comfortably and proudly. Her ultimate mission is for students to appreciate Hebrew as the language that is the foundation of our people, land, and religion. Mrs. Munk achieves this goal through a rigorous curriculum that she has created and utilized in many schools, including Bruriah High School in Elizabeth, New Jersey, and most recently in Block Yeshiva High School in St. Louis. This curriculum includes a focus on the analysis of Hebrew literature, an absorption of Hebrew vocabulary through experiential education, and a study of Israeli history and culture. Mrs. Munk received her bachelor’s degree from Bar Ilan University and furthered her studies in Orot Teachers College in Israel. She has lectured frequently in the United States and Canada on pedagogical approaches to learning Hebrew. When not in the classroom, you can find Mrs. Munk developing her other passions: exercising, taking (very long) walks, and sitting in coffee shops (while speaking Hebrew, of course!).