College and Israel Guidance

We firmly believe that the seminary experience in Israel builds upon the strong foundation of learning the students receive in their high school years, and creates deeper roots and connections to the Torah, Land of Israel, and the Jewish people. 

In their senior year, students are exposed to a broad range of post–high school options in Israel, ensuring that the programs our students attend will match their own unique interests and personalities.Our Israel Guidance team helps students learn about the many different post-high school Israel programs, identify the choices that will help them achieve their goals for their year in Israel, and navigate the application process.

At SHS, our college guidance takes a highly personalized and effective approach to college admissions. The counselors view the college process as part of a student’s education, involving personal reflection, independent reasoning, and informed decision-making. 

Our college counseling program recognizes the unique potential in each student. Counselors are actively involved with students and parents throughout their high school years, guiding and educating families about testing options, application choices, and ultimately a college decision. Workshops and evening programs complement College Counseling and actively involve parents in the process.