SHS Honors Program

In an effort to meet individual academic needs, SHS offers an honors program for students who are ranked among the top in General Studies and/or Limudei Kodesh in their 8th grade classes. A student may be selected for one or all of the honors classes, which include enriched and accelerated advanced courses, Regents level courses, pre-AP courses, AP courses, and college level classes.

Students eligible for the SHS Honors Program engage in academics at the highest level. Classes provide academically talented and motivated students with a unique intellectual experience, meaningful connections with faculty, as well as an extensive choice of stimulating opportunities. Our approach to education differs from traditional educational settings in that classes are based on active learning and critical engagement. Students are challenged outside the classroom as well, through academic experiences and independent research opportunities. Graduates earn “Honors” status on their transcript. Shulamith High School Honors graduates are prepared for future academic challenges through a rigorous curriculum, paving the way for them to become our future leaders.