Our STEM program emphasizes small groups, collaborative work,  the use of hands-on experiments, coding and basic engineering. Students are exposed to programming, robotics, and design thinking. Students are introduced to the foundations of engineering design as they investigate systems and their classification, function and purpose. In our Makerspace, students learn problem solving skills, dimension and unit analysis, measurements, calculations, documentation and teamwork. 

In our project-based Robotics course, students cover the fundamentals of robotics, microcontrollers, programming, sensors and actuators. Students not only build robots with sensor attachments, but also design algorithms to solve problems and write computer programs to implement them. 

In our Computer Science program, students are exposed to an introduction to programming and developing applications for the internet using JavaScript and Python. This class also covers topics such as network structure, cybersecurity, TCP/IP protocols, and the web design markup language HTML with CSS. Students pursue independent projects while learning the basics of computer programming: variables, loops, conditionals, and functions.