Rebbetzin Adina Katzenstein

Known as a prominent source of education, hashkafa and guidance in the Five Towns for over 25 years, Mrs. Katzenstein brings her passion for Yiddishkeit and love of people to Shulamith High School as 12th grade teacher of Halacha. Mrs. Katzenstein hails originally from Chicago and attended BJJ of Jerusalem, Bais Yaakov L’Morot. She has taught every level of education, from three year olds to post high school seminary. Serving the Woodmere community and beyond in many educational capacities, she has held positions in Bais Yaakov H.S. Denver, HAFTR High School, Reenas Bais Yaakov and TMM. Her goal is to impart to her students an appreciation for the beauty of Halachic structure in the different stages of our Jewish Life Cycles. With love for each talmidah, she hopes to instill in them the excitement, confidence and pride in being B’not Yisrael.