SHS “Bounces” Into a New Year

Shulamith High School began their year with a bang… or a jump, that is. The entire school and most of the faculty spent Tuesday night at Bounce in Syosset. 


The evening began with our new freshmen who had an opportunity to bond before the big trip. After eating pizza and introducing themselves, Student Activities Director Esty Munk, Freshmen Advisor Adina Wolf, and Guidance Counselor Channi Packer, led a team-building exercise (which was made all the better with an assortment of candies). “I like that we met before everyone went to Bounce,” one freshman remarked, “I wasn’t nervous afterward.” 


After Freshman icebreakers, the entire school was bussed to Bounce where each student and faculty member was outfitted with a bright yellow SHS shirt. The black lights went on, the music was pumped up, and everyone ran for open bounce! There were some awe inspiring dunks in the basketball arena and impressive flips into the foam pools. Mrs. Sara Munk, principal, addressed the girls during a snack break, stressing the importance of Elul and how it is a time for building relationships - appropo for the beginning of the school year. 


Finally, everyone was given a sticker that indicated which arena they should go to. Different competitive games were in each, including a pretty intense student versus faculty (including principals) dodgeball game. The senior class demolished the faculty, whose best effort was just not good enough for the energetic twelfth graders. Fun was evident in every corner of the room, on the trampolines and off, proving our incredible administrative team did a stellar job of organizing and planning this event. 


SHS’s opening trip promoted friendship and achdut. What better way could there be to start a new year?