Annual Confidence Brunch

Confidence Brunch at SHS


This past Sunday was Shulamith High School’s annual mother-daughter Confidence Brunch. Every year, Shulamith dedicates one inspiring morning to celebrating an integral part of the Shulamith philosophy: the power and potential of the Jewish woman. Although it is a value that is brought to life every day at Shulamith, on this morning it was highlighted and brought into the spotlight as mothers, daughters and faculty came together to discover what it means to be a confident, strong and determined Jewish woman. To help them do that, Shulamith invited the woman who embodies all those qualities, Chani Neuberger, to share her story, her life lessons and her inspiration with all the attendees. Chani, originally from a yiddish-speaking home in Boro Park, is currently the Chief Risk Officer at the NSA, founder of the Baltimore-based organization Sister to Sister and a busy wife and mother. 

With such an incredible and impressive byline, all the attendees were eager to hear Chani’s story and how she came to her current position. 

Before getting right to herself, though, Ms. Neuberger first shared with everyone her belief in the importance of having a role model. She mentioned that for herself, a lot of her inspiration comes from powerful women in Tanakh, women who have stood up for themselves and for others, acting passionately, bravely and often, selflessly. Ms. Neuberger mentioned her namesake, Chana, as well as Esther as examples of great women who have inspired her on the path she has taken as a Jewish woman. 

Then, in explaining her trajectory in her unique career path, Ms. Neuberger spoke about the need to be open to opportunity, to be brave and to be confident. Although those values helped her get to where she is today, occupying a distinctive position and job that most people cannot relate to, her message was relatable and applicable to all. She spoke about the importance of seeking opportunities to make a difference - which is what brought her to her current position -, of not being afraid to step into unknown territory and of always standing up for one’s beliefs and values even when there’s pushback. She also stressed the ever-present potential for kiddush Hashem that exists not just within her job, but in all of our lives, and reminded everyone that wherever they go, whatever they do, they should be proud, confident and aware of representing their Judaism in the best way possible. 

After this eloquent and motivating address, Ms. Neuberger left time for questions and answers and the audience, enthralled, took advantage of the unique opportunity to hear more from someone who so epitomized the themes of the day: what it means to be a confident and powerful Jewish woman.


Other highlights of the Confidence Brunch included hearing an inspiring opening from junior Avital Meyers on the topic of Kiddush Hashem. We were also excited to welcome and hear from incoming principal Mrs. Sarah Munk who joined us for this annual event. She spoke on the topic of embodying Chesed to the extent it becomes a natural part of who we are. A photo booth station made sure everyone who attended would have a keepsake of this wonderful morning, although it is sure to be an unforgettable event. 

Shulamith celebrates the potential of the Jewish woman each and every day, but for this special day of commemoration, a special thanks to Ms. Ricky Gaerman, Ms. Esty Munk and Ms. Tamara Klein, without whom this day would not have been possible.